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We take the time to find out not only what the problem is, but what caused the problem in the first place and look to solve that problem


   When we come to your home, we do not look for things to add on to your bill, we do not strive to "up-sell" you like the other guys.  We are pragmatic and look to take care of the problem at hand, if there is a secondary problem, then of course we will bring it to your attention, but we will not just change everything to make our diagnoses easier and your pocket that much lighter.  If something is broken, we will find that problem and isolate it. 

We love old dryers, and our prices are low enough that we can keep that dryer running like the Energizer bunny.


   Have an old dryer?  Don't toss it out, you probably have a device that will outlast most devices made today.  Yes with proper service any dryer can be made to last forever, but the old machines lasted without proper service.  When you book online our service fee is only $49 and will lead to you finding your old machine can be fixed for less than a Craigslist curbside-picked up unit. 

New, European, Korean and even New Zealander, we work on all brands, no matter where they are from. 


  We work on all applainces.  We won't triple the price because it was made in Korea or hide from your calls because it's German.  We take all Dryer jobs. 

   Please contact us with your model number and we will gladly go over repair options with you.  Please note that European, and Pacific rim brand's parts can take longer to get in stock due to lack of availibilty in this market. 

We are Dryer specialists


Dryer failure can be very frustrating,  we strive hard to make the repair process as economical and expidited as possible 

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