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For our repair services we come to you, in home.  For our low service fee we access and diagnose your appliance.  We then give you your options on repair.  We services all major appliances and all makes as well.  We want you to come to us for all your appliance repair needs, and we are confident after you have seen our work and our low prices you will. 
       If possible please locate your model number before contacting us.  
   It's nearly impossible for us to give a price without physically diagnosing the problem, But we do not charge a service fee with repair, and if you electto not repair our diagnostic fee is a low $59.99
     We offer a 180 day full warranty on all parts and labor. 

Do you have an appliance but need it installed?  We can do that too?  Do you need an appliance picked up from a local store?  We can also do that.  We offer very competitive installation and delivery rates.  Appliancer Repair is not all that we do, installing brand new appliances or even helping you move your appliances into a new place are other services we gladly do.

Property Manager/ Landlord services

      Do you own multiple units?  If you do and are looking for a company to handle your appliance repairs we can do so.  We can also deal with your tenants, then contact you with the repair estimate.  After our first job, we can extend to you Net Payment terms of either 15 or 30 days.

       We can be as flexible as you like.  We have some accounts were we are contacted by only the tenants, and some where we only go through the property manager, so there is no strict regiment.  We want to work with you and keep your rental clients happy.  

    Appliances can be frustrating at times and when an average unit has six appliances a piece and you have more than one unit, keeping track of appliance repair can be a daunting task.  With our landlord and property manager services, all you have to do is call us one time and set it up.   You have other things to worry about, let us worry about apliance repair. 

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