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Ovens and Kitchen Appliances
Washers and Dryers for sale

Our refurbished washers and dryers aren't just someone else's junk that has been patched together.  We tear down and clean all the units that we sell.  Any broken part is replaced, high fail parts are also swapped out.  The units are assembled and tested.  In many instances we will even deliver and set up fr no extra fee. 

 The best part is, we offer a 90-day warranty on our units.

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We occasionaly get Ovens and fridges and even Dishwashers that we refurbish and sell.  While sales is not a focus of our business, we will put any items we have for sale in our gallery.

   All ovens have new igniors and have had the gas lines cleaned out with compressed air.

  Other repairs depend on whether gas or electric.

     We often come across units that cannot be sold or repaired.  Yet these units still contain many very expensive to replace parts.   So if you are looking for a used motor, seal, switch, drum, pump, transmission or what have you.  Contact us, we may be able to help.

       We can source many hard to find parts.  We have contacts that range from Stove hinge rebuilders on the east coast to control board repairers in California.  We can also get fast turn around on parts.  While we do prefer to be the ones installing parts, we all know that sometimes it's nice to get a hand when you can't find a hard to get part.  So send us a shout, we would be glad to help.

Recycled Parts
Sourcing Rare Parts

Nawlins Solutions Appliance Repair


 We offer other services in addition to appliance repair.  Including selling used appliances, parts and sourcing and selling hard to find parts.

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