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Ten eastbank dining spots under $10.

With work, my focus is always on Nola Appliance Repair, but being on the road servicing the appliances of my customers can work up the appetite. The great thing is, I have many places I can go. So depending on where I am at the time, I have my go to spots. Most of these are quick and cheap. Stop in, order, and eat. Counter service or single waiter. I thought I would mention a few that I like and that you can eat for less than $10. I’m going to start with Jefferson parish, because I think we in the parish named after the great founding father are often ridiculed for favoring national chains over our local greats. I think that is a mistaken assumption. Jefferson may not have the big draw White Table cloth places NOLA does, but Jefferson has many casual, counter serve and quick serve places will go toe to toe with city favorites.


In Jefferson, Old Jefferson we call it, there is a jewel of a shop, and my go-to place when in the area. Parenton’s po-boys.

(look for the red door)

Boy what a place. It’s a so small, blink and you would miss it, on the same street as a much larger shop (that I am still yet to try). Just look for the red door. Brenda at the counter will tell you what is good. I say go on Thursday’s when they have Chicken fried steak. It’s the best variation of that dish I have ever had, and it makes a good po-boy. Though the platter with mac and cheese, and gravy and green beans for a buck more is the better deal. The muffaletta here is just outstanding. They prep it to order and ask for a 15-20 minute advance notice on it. It’s THE classic po-boy shop. Being a classic po-boy shop in this area means you better have good seafood, and boy do they. The fried shrimp are large and fresh, the oysters are the fattest local oysters, and they have an excellent soft shell crab po-boy. This place is truly a hidden gem in the area. Though I feel that way for most of my choices.

(My favorite is the Chicken fried steak)


Not too far away in south Metairie we have another classic neighborhood shop. Guillory’s Deli.

This place is a common stop for me, because of the rotating lunch specials, the hot tamales(best delta style tamales in the city) and the Cuban sandwich. The Cubano is just a classic sandwich. The perfect panini. Roast pork, ham, mustard, pickles, pressed in bread. Here it’s French bread. Great sandwich, great price. Another favorite, yet a very odd meal, is the tamale poboy. It’s a guilty pleasure for sure. They have good seafood as well. I also look forward to their pork chop plates, which are generally around $8. Guillory’s also sells to go food from the coolers, including whole meals and desserts like bread pudding and banana pudding. When I’m hungry and in that part of Metairie, I’ll usually check out Guillory’s.

(Local style Tamales are their specialty.)


When in my stomping grounds of north Kenner, I generally go to ethnic places. Two favorites of mine actually share a parking lot. I’ll start with the Mediterranean option, Shish Kabob House.

My time in Baton Rouge endeared me to Mediterranean food, if you know anyone from BR, ask them about it. Of the one thing culinary wise, I missed from BR it was not having the middle eastern options back home. Well we do now, and even Red Stick favorite Albasha is open in Metairie. We in Kenner though have a darn good option right on Williams. Shish Ka Bob is a family place, you’ll see the same faces most times you go. Very friendly and welcoming, they have most of the classic mediterranean dishes. Gyros, Shawarma, Baba Ganoush, Hummus, Falafel and dormas. The lunch prices are excellent and the amount of food you get here for less than $10 is incredible. I really wanted to focus on cheaper options and this and the next both have meals for less than some fast food meals. The Lamb and Hummus will fill you up, and they aren’t shy about giving out Pita bread. The Lebanese tea here is done really well in the classic way with pine nuts, rose water and iced tea. For a quick lunch when in North Kenner (or even a cheap dinner) this is a place worth checking out.

(Plates are served with very large portions at Shish Kabob House.)


Across the parking lot in the old Pizza Hut location is Little Chinatown.

With $6.99 lunch specials, you can get full here for cheap. The lunch specials come with soup, combination rice, spring roll and the meal. The downside is, and this is the only downside of this great place. They do not have traditional egg rolls. If you are a person who judges Chinese food on egg rolls and combination rice, Young’s is probably still the best bet. For everything else, Little Chinatown is the best in Kenner. The Singapore Mei Fun is done with large cuts of meat and the proper noodles and sauce ratios. The meat in the fried dishes is never soft and rubbery (making you question , what it was) They have huge portions and are blessed by really good cooks who build flavors rather than overpower with pre-made seasonings and sauces. I have never been unimpressed with Little chinatown.

(A perfect place for splitting a large family meal)


Sticking with Asian but heading back to Metairie. While I love Chinese and Japanese (and yes I have one sushi joint to cover) Vietnamese is my favorite Asian cuisine and New Orleans has some excellent choices in the area such as Pho Tau Bay, Nine Roses, Tan Dinh, Kim Anh’s, Dong Phoung and Pho Orchid (leaving off a lot of new ones I know). This place may not have the best Vietnamese and may not be on people’s radars for Vietnamese, but Frosty’s cafe has hands down the best smoothies in the city.

You walk into Frosty’s and you see the counter with more than a dozen varieties of fresh fruit. From commons such as strawberries and bananas to exotics like jackfruit, passion fruit and the controversial Durian. Durian, is an acquired taste. The pungent smell of Fresh durian is enough that it is banned in Singapore and many Asian hotel rooms. Yet kept submerged in liquid you can’t smell it, thankfully, or I doubt I would care they have the best smoothies. Lol In addition to the smoothies, which you can add lychee jelly to or the popular tapioca pearls, they make bubble teas and regular teas. On top of that, they have a legit Vietnamese menu. The “Vietnamese poboy” is a great step into the world of the Bahn Mi, if you are not already familiar with that sandwich. It’s like a …. Vietnamese Poboy. Their Banh Mi bread is almost the same as french bread in consistency and flavor. The toppings include pork and chicken and beef. They also have the classic Pho, and Bun noodles, the latter of which being my favorite. The sandwiches set you back $5, the Pho and Bun are around $7-9 depending on type. The smoothies are around five. Again, and easy place to have a sub $10 meal and be able to enjoy and feel good about it.

(Come for the Bubble Tea, stay for the food)


If I want Vegetarian, Indian, or Pakistani food, on Houma in Metairie is a great cheap Pakistani-Indian restaurant by the name of Shyan's Kitchen.

Here is yet another place where one can have an excellent cheap lunch with specials starting at $6.99. The Naan here is second to none, and is the best in the city. The Tikka Masala and Aloo Gobi is just excellently spiced. I went through a sort of vegetarian phase last year and discovered this place and I go back for the great flavors and excellent prices. It’s in a nice space, and the waiter is always friendly about explaining the flavors. You can get anything spicier or milder than normal. I always leave feeling full and my most expensive lunch with drink was still well south of $20. I know a lot of people say we don’t have good Indian in the area. For them, I say you have to give Shyan's a try.

(lots of variety and flavors at Shyan's)


When in the Fat City area of Metairie, you will notice that there are many more restaurants than before. One of the newer ones is Rocksy’s diner.

Though they have been there a few years, it’s still a sign of the New Fat city, as it occupies the space not long ago known as Uncle Larry’s. The diner has many good lunch specials which are generally $6-7.99. Wednesdays they have an excellent pot roast with mashed potatoes. One thing that sets this diner apart is the ingredients. The mashed potatoes are actually made from potatoes, and the roast tastes like a meat you would pay a lot more than $7 for. My guilty pleasure here is actually the Chicken and Waffles, and at $11.99 it does go over my ‘cheap’ threshold but they are so good, and it’s such a filling meal. The chicken consists of three buttermilk battered fried chicken fingers, topped with a sweet and spicy apricot topping served on top of a Belgian waffle, with bacon and powdered sugar on top. Hungry yet? The hours here are a little different than other diners and sometimes I go and find it closed. If this happens to you, the Taco place behind it is really good.

(mmmm chicken and waffles)


Heading from Lakeside to Riverside, on Jefferson Highway at Central is an excellent Sushi spot. Sake Don’s has never failed to impress.

My favorite roll is the Caterpillar roll. Inside it’s shrimp tempura and broiled eel, outside it’s wrapped with avocado slices, topped with eel sauce, spicy mayonnaise sauce and smelt roe. Delicious. Though it’s a pricey roll for some at $12.99. No fear, Don’s has great $6.99 lunch specials. Which include two rolls, a salad and a soup. Though I do prefer other Don’s classic’s like the Creamy Crunchy roll or the Chicken Katsu roll (which yess, is a FRIED CHICKEN stuffed roll, it’s a must try). The fish here is very fresh and since this is a family place, the owner and the sushi chef are the same person. So you get unparalleled attention to flavor and detail. It’s my go-to for quick sushi in the area, and the specialty rolls give you something new and fun to try each time.

(pro-tip try a new Specialty roll each time you go)


Heading back Kenner for Latin. For Latin and Mexican food (and even Tex Mex) Kenner is the destination. From great Tex Mex at Don Jose, to Pancho’s style Tex Mex at Two Amigos. Tacos of so many types. Tacos el Gordo is a good one to try for a quick variety. Across the street Taco Tico offers cheap tacos daily and even cheaper tacos on certain days of the week. So many choice for latin Food in Kenner, I want to focus on a smaller, more off the beaten path place. Mi Pueblito.

Mi Pueblito, draws from Honduran and Guatemalan styles of cooking more so than Mexican, as Kenner has long had a large Guatemalan and Honduran population. At Mi Pueblito, yes you can get Carne Asada, you can get a Horchata ( a great one by the way) but it’s the Baleadas that set Pueblito apart. A Baleada is a thick Honduran Burrito, filled with a variety of fillings. Generally, meat, beans, potatoes and avocado. Baleadas are cheap and filling. One will stuff you, and they cost between $3 and $6, so they are very cheap meals. The rest of the menu is full of Latin classics from Maduros to Honduran enchiladas (Tostadas), everything is good. The pit cooked porkchop is another favorite. It’s a block off of Williams on Florida, so it’s not a place you pass you have to seek it out. It is very much worth seeking out though.

(Meat, beans and rice, can't go wrong there)


Lastly the burger. While I do love some of the more expensive burger places that have popped up, namely Company Burger, I also enjoy the throwback NOLA classic that is Bud’s Broiler.

With locations on Jefferson Highway and Causeway, they are all over. It’s not a great burger, but it’s relatively quick and relatively cheap. It’s also a guilty pleasure. I remember it being a special treat to go to Bud’s with my dad after a day in City Park. Bud’s is a NOLA institution. While it is not the best burger in the area, and it may not even crack my top ten NOLA burgers, for a quick good lunch it’s hard to beat a Bud’s burger with their shredded cheddar cheese onions and chili.

(Yes it's a messy wreck, but you know you want it)


So there are ten of my go-to places for a cheap lunch in the eastbank of Jefferson parish. While our focus is on Appliance repair, and I invite you to read our blogs on that subject, you cannot live in this area, and not be opinionated by food. Any places I should try? Or places I listed you have opinions about, feel free to leave a comment.

(restaurants mentioned

Parenton's - 4304 Ellen St, Jefferson, LA / (504) 846-3545 /

Guillory's Deli and Tamales - 3708 Derbigny St, Metairie, LA / (504) 833-1390 /

Shish Ka Bob House / 3804 Williams Blvd, Kenner, LA / (504) 712-0765 /

Little Chinatown / 3800 Williams Blvd, Kenner, LA / (504) 305-0580 /

Frosty's Cafe / 3400 Cleary Ave, Metairie, LA / (504) 888-9600 /

Rocksy's Diner / 3220 Edenborn Ave, Metairie, LA / (504) 888-4840 /

Shyan's Kitchen / 3320 Houma Blvd, Metairie, LA / (504) 302-9901 /

Sake Don's Sushi Bar/ 4402 Jefferson Hwy, Jefferson , LA / (504) 371-5586 /

Mi Pueblito / 3803 Florida Ave, Kenner, LA / (504) 469-4246 /

Bud's Broiler / various/ various/

Nola Appliance repair is not affiliated with any mentioned business we are just fans.


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